What Facilities Can Use the  Healthcare Lending Funds?!

healthcare lending fundsHealthcare Lending funds

Our Healthcare Lending funds can benefit more than just the average Home Health or Hospice Agency. You can utilize these funds if you have any of the following Agencies!

Our Healthcare Lending Funds can benefit each agency in unique ways. Whether you need day to day expenses covered to help those families grieving the loss of a beloved family member or if you are in need of new beds to help service the new clients in your Assisted Living Facility. Vallexa Capital’s Healthcare Lending Funds can take your facility from starter-up to successful!

Home Health


Home Care

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

These more specialized healthcare facilities can benefit greatly from our Healthcare Lending Funds. Your patients look to you for the best staff and caregivers; use your funds to hire the best caregivers in your area. You can’t put a price on great care and you won’t have to with the assistance of our Healthcare Lending Funds.

Behavioral Health

Alzheimer’s Care

Memory Care

Rehabilitation Care

Long Term Care

Independent Living

Healthcare Lending funds

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